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One Book You Should Read Before Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I know there are many good and well-meaning single men who are still on the hunt for that special lady.

But as we all know, there are a lot of manipulative and time-wasting women who like to play games.

So, it is to your best interest that you know what to expect and how to handle yourself while you keep your heart and wallet where they belong.

This book though, is not a standalone, but for this matter, it will do.

But first, lets talk about a few things and get them out the way…

Valentine’s day

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is just one of those days.

What difference does it make to do something on a specific day when you can do that on any other day when you feel like it?

Are you buying women gifts because you want to, or you just feel obligated to do so because it’s Valentine’s Day?

It’s days like these that people invest so much of their time and money to make silly gestures of the so-called appreciation or celebration.

Do you know how much money people waste during the festive season?

Yeah… Ain’t it a bitch that the same people dread the first month of the year? And it’s all because of the bad financial choices they’ve made in December.

You see, I’m independent in terms of the way I do things and the way I move. I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve or any of those marked days on the calendar if I don’t feel like it.

I don’t have to wait for the weekend to grab a cold beer and I certainly don’t have to go to the bar get some.

So what’s the point?

The point is… Be your own fucking man and don’t let a stupid calendar dictate your choices and actions—be independent mentally and emotionally, and most if not all of your problems will be solved.

I remember walking in a clothing store, and there was this colorful dress that caught my my attention.

I felt a deep desire to see the girl I was pursuing at the time in that dress.

Had things worked out between us, I would’ve definitely bought it for my own pleasure, not for her or for the sake of pleasing her.

So whatever you are going to do for your date, girlfriend, or wife—don’t do it for her, do it for you. Let it be something that you want and one that gives you a personal satisfying pleasure.

Whatever you do for anyone, make sure it is something you want for yourself and not what they want or expect from you. If you feel like you are doing them a favor, then simply, don’t do it—you will regret it later.

And also, don’t do anything for anyone whether it’s what you genuinely want to do unless they’ve earned it.

Valentine’s Day gifts should be earned just like commitment, marriage etc.

Speaking of gifts, If spending time with your woman does not qualify as a gift in your opinion or hers, then someone is wasting his or her own time.

Value your time

Time is the most valuable and precious gift.

When people make time for you it means you matter. When people just shower you with gifts but hardly spend time with you, that alone says a lot about how they feel about you.

I was dating a girl back in my teen days, and I remember what she said when I called her on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday and to let her know that I had no money to buy her a gift.

Do you know what her reply was?

She replied, “I don’t care about a stupid gift, I want to you. Spending time with you is the only gift I want for my birthday.

And that folks… Is pure genuine desire.

If your woman gets mad because you brought your ass instead of a rose for Valentine’s Day, then your time is not that valuable to her—get the message.

Be Independent

So what does it mean to be independent as man?

Being independent is all about what you allow or don’t allow to dictate your decisions and actions, but most importantly: what you don’t allow.

Being financially independent is great, no doubt. But how independent are you when you lend money to people who don’t pay it back? And how independent are you when you allow women to waste your time and money?

Financial independence is not a substitute for emotional and mental independence.

There’s no such thing as unconditional love, but there is genuine desire, and with genuine desire comes tolerance and endurance.

Women who genuinely want you wont give a damn if you don’t buy them shit—they are only interested in your time and company. Whatever they can’t get from you, trust and believe that they will get it elsewhere.

There are men who are very abusive and they never do shit for a woman, but women will stick around and do everything in their power to tolerate and please that kind of a man.

If women can tolerate that, then why wouldn’t they a man who brings his time and attention to the table on Valentine’s Day?

Having an abundance mindset, balls, and a strong backbone is what separates guys who are independent from those who are dependent…

Independence is not all about what you can control or can have, but it’s also about being at peace with what you can’t control, what you don’t have, and what you can’t have—a woman desire for instance.

Dealing with women

I wont lie, there are good women out there, and they will never seize to exist—power is always in a hand.

Though, feminism, the media, and social media has made it almost impossible for women to be just women.

Women are fed daily with the wrong information on how they should be and how they should expect to be treated by men, and only a hand-full of women have what it takes to become good women—it all depends on the man in her life.

In hindsight, it doesn’t matter what kind of women you meet and deal with if you have your mind right and think from the neck up.

Genuine desire

Rollo Tomassi said it best, “You cannot negotiate genuine desire.

Genuine desire has no price tag and it only cost your presence.

Proving your worth to a woman or doing something to impress her is a surefire way to kill any essence attraction she might have had for you.

It’s a no-brainer that a woman will either be genuinely interested in you or genuinely disinterested in you—plain and simple.

Anything between genuine desire and disinterest is simply a waste of time and a form of manipulation.

As simple as it is, when men are met with a decision to cut their losses and move on, most men will stick somewhere between the line of interest and disinterest in hopes to catch a bone with some meat left on in.

Men do not get played because women play games, but men allow themselves to be played by not educating themselves so that they know how to deal with different types of women.

This brings us to the reason why you should read a book entitled The Possibility Of Sex by Alan Roger Currie before you get got by time-wasting and manipulative women on Valentine’s day or any other day.

The possibility of sex

Alan Roger Currie is one of the best and a realist Author on the planet. Regardless of how has been criticized and misunderstood by both women, men, dating coaches and PUA’s.

If every men took his advice, women would have no choice but to be real with men who can handle the truth—men who are indifferent to a yes or a no and men who have no time for a maybe.

As for the phony dating coaches and PUA’s—they’d end up like a penniless whore with no prospects for honest employment.

People always preach honestly, but when it comes to dealing with it, they can’t handle it.

If you are a man who have the guts to bare the truth, then this book will be very helpful if not empowering and eye-opening.

In this book, Alan breaks down how naive and lustful men get manipulated by women who use the “possibility of sex” for the sole purpose of using and manipulating men who they have no interest in.

He goes deep into detail about the types of women like that and the types of behaviors they exhibit to men they target.

No man wants to be used and manipulated. So save your time and money and invest a couple of dollars on the eBook or audiobook version of The Possibility Of Sex and a few hours of learning from the best.

I recommend this book for both single men and men who are in relationships or married because manipulation and gold-digging schemes don’t just stop in the dating phase.

You could be dating, married to, or in a relationship with a time-wasting, manipulative, and gold-digging whore.

Do your self a favor… Grab yourself a copy and educate yourself before she does…

Take care…


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