When And How To Use Supplements

Do you know when is the right time to use supplements? Do you even know how to use them?

Well… That’s what I want us to discus…

I think supplements are not that bad. But I think most people go about using supplements in a way that’s both bad and unhealthy.

Everything works when you use it at the right time for the right purpose.

Let’s chop it up…

Earn it before you use it


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Supplements have to be earned just as you earn your salary. Before you even start using anything, you have to lift heavy and do cardiovascular exercises at least for a year.

You also need to develop:

  • a high level of discipline and commitment
  • a workout plan or strategy that works for you
  • a diet plan that suits your body or your desired physique
  • a workout schedule that fits in your lifestyle
  • and enough strength to workout for at least four to five days a week, two to three hours a day using only your natural strength.

If you haven’t developed all those things listed above, then you are not ready to use any supplement. Just because you can afford it, it doesn’t mean you are ready to use it.

It is really dangerous to take a load of supplements and when you don’t workout enough. It’s like taking morphine when you don’t have any major injury.

There are guys who only workout twice a week and thirty minutes a day, but then take a boat load of supplements when there’s really nothing much to build on or repair.

Soldiers don’t just take morphine to avoid possible injuries, but they only take it when the conditions (severe injuries) necessitates it.

Supplements are not a substitute for discipline, commitment, and hard work.

People like to discredit the physique certain bodybuilders because they use steroids, but they forget that it is commitment and hard work behind steroids that produces such results–not just steroids.

There are guys who use supplements that could get them the results they want but they lack the work ethic and commitment.

It doesn’t matter what you use, if you don’t put it the work and use whatever you choose at the right time and for the right purpose, you will be end up with no results, and you will certain blame the product.

When to use supplements

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There’s a reason why there are different belts for every level in Karate. Each belt has to be earned through handwork and dedication–there’s no way around it.

I look at supplements as Karate belts.

Before you use muscle recovery supplements or other supplements, you have to develop your muscles naturally first, and your body has to get used to a natural muscle-recovery-cycle process at least for a year.

By doing this, you prepare your muscles to process any supplement effectively because prior to you lifting weights, your muscle where never challenged the way they are now because of lifting weights.

You have to lay a foundation first and then build on in with whatever you choose to use.

You have to workout for at least a year, four to five days a week, and two to three hours a day using nothing but your natural strength.

This is a way to earn and prepare your body for those supplements to be effective.

If you just joined the gym, stay away from supplements and eat foods that contain the nutrients you need for bodybuilding.

How to use supplements

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Recently I was having a conversation with my gym partner and he made a valid point. He pointed out that I need to get a muscle recovery supplement because of the way I lift.

That made me realize that I’ve earned my way and I’m ready to use supplements. As much as I hate the idea of using supplements, I have to admit that they do have their place and time.

But the question is, “How do I go about using them without developing a sense of dependency or addiction?”

Let’s be honest, too much of anything is bad… Right?

So what’s the solution?

Well, my gym partner advised me to get supplement “x” and use till it’s finished and proceed without it for three to four months and repeat the cycle.

That made sense to me because taking a three months break seems like a healthy way of maintaining independence and getting a little assistance at the same time.

“So when is the right time?”

My answer is still the same: Workout naturally for four to five days a week, two to three hours a day for a year and you will know the answer.

This approach is effective because the results you get after a year, will let you know what you have to use or what you don’t have to use.

So, I’ve done my research and I’ve found other natural options… And so, I’m going to try the natural option.

It is not that I’m against supplements, but I live by a quote that goes, “Whatever the majority is doing, do the opposite and you will never make another mistake.” – Earl Nightingale

I believe there’s a natural way to get the results that I want and I’m making it my mission to find it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or what I might lose in the process.

You will be the first to know when that mission is accomplished…

That’s it for now… Enjoy!

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