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Becoming Successful With Women

What defines success with women?

Do you really want to know the best way to becoming successful with women? Do you even know the root cause of being success with women?

There far more important things that we overlook when we undergo the process of self-improvement because of the wrong information we stumble upon on the internet, or elsewhere.

In black and white, it may sound good and rational, but in pure reality: it’s just another part of the maze and the never ending cycle going from the beginning to the very same beginning.

What is needed in any process of personal transformation is the right wisdom and the right attitude to internalize the very wisdom.

With this article, my intention is not to help you get laid, but it is t provide you with the wisdom you need for a proper transformation.

From there, you will know what do and what is it that you really want.

Let the journey begin…

The first step to personal transformation

To be successful with women or anything in life, you have to become successful with yourself first!

As easy as that statement is, the process one undergoes to attain success with women or anything, is much easier than you can imagine.

Success with women is not a means to an end, but a byproduct of enlightened personal transformation.

In your everyday earthy-life, you are either evolving or devolving as an individual.

The problem is not devolving, but thinking that you are invisible and no one is paying you any attention.

Trust me, people notice the different transitions you undergo daily, monthly, or yearly.

It is ignorant to assume that you are unattractive or undesirable because you can’t attract the opposite sex.

People notice you and every move you make. They might ignore you, pretend they don’t see you, and treat you like you are invisible, but they are watching you.

Someone is watching you…

Simply put, people’s actions are codes (motives) of communication, and the words they say to you are bits and pieces of revelations, a leak or a crack in those codes.

So pay attention… Listen not only with your ears… But your eyes too as you undergo your transformation—mentally or physically.

“But first we need to have the eyes and ears to see and hear that
truth. We need to be free of the parasite.”
Don Miguel Ruiz

Quote from The Four Agreements  by Don Miguel Ruiz

At some in my life, I though I was invisible to certain people, but then, when I started changing physically and mentally: the same people started complementing me and telling me things about me that I never though they were noticing—even some of the tiniest adjustments both the negative and the positive.

From that experience, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson: people are always watching and waiting for the right time to show up—the convenient or beneficial time to deal with you that is.

Why you don’t feel attractive

It is not that you are not attractive and it is not that you are different, but you think and behave like you are. Women see that in you, and that’s one of the reasons why you can’t attract women.

You have been convinced by dating coach after dating coach that you have to become someone else to attract women.

You have also been trying to pose as one character after another in different situations to attract women, and whenever that didn’t work, you blamed yourself for not living up to that character and you felt inferior for not fitting that character.

You have in your mind, all of their teachings as a reference or a map you use for guidance, and it’s where all your frustrations take form whenever you fail to live up to their teachings.

There are many different types of women and they all have different preferences when it comes to characteristics and things they find attractive on a man.

Every woman wants something from a man besides his looks and possessions. Failing to see this truth is another cause of your lack of success with women.

You take rejection personal, while you are a rejected yourself.

Be one with the truth

You have preferences too, right? How would you feel if your right and will to choose was taken away?

There’s a reason why you want that blond and with firm tits. And there’s a reason why you want to that specific job or house, right?

So would you be OK with someone imposing your preferences?

Imagine going to a car dealership to buy a Ferrari, and the car salesman calls you choosy and superficial for not wanting a ford.

How would you feel?


Why do you expect women to trade what they want for you?

If it’s the jerk they want, then why be mad, and why can’t you respect that?

If you only preferred blonds, you’d want all the brunets to respect that right?

Just because you are attracted to blondes, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with brunettes—That’s just what you prefer.

It’s simple, if a brunette wants to be with you, she’d have to dye her hair blonde.

The same is true for you. If you want all those sexy superficial women to be attracted to you, you will have to become what they want.

But the question is: Is it really something worth doing?

Do you really want to go that route?

The choice is yours to make…

Success with women

The first step to becoming successful with yourself is to lose the desire to be successful with women.

You have to strip away all of your attachments, desires, and aspirations so that you can start from a clean slate.

What you need is a strong character foundation before you even think about attracting women or anything else.

Trust me, women are attracted to any man with a solid character. The moment your character becomes solid and unshakeable, all the women who prefer it will start revealing themselves.

You need something solid to build on. You can’t successfully build a new character over the old character—the old you has to be destroyed by letting go of every single attachment, desire, or aspiration associated with your old and unsuccessful self.

People fail to change their attitudes and beliefs because of the attachments, desires, and aspirations they’ve developed under the influence of the same beliefs and attitudes.

You have to put an end to the chase. On the outside, it might look like you are chasing women, but you are running from yourself.

It is time to face yourself… If you can’t deal with yourself then who will?

If you think you’re not good enough, that’s exactly how people will treat you—you are the master of your own karma.

I found that changing one’s beliefs and attitude easily has nothing to do with just your mindset but more about your desires, attachments, and aspirations.

Letting go of the old desires, attachments, and aspirations you formed from a false and shallow mindset will change everything about your character and personality—slowly but surely.

As a master of your karma, it’d be wise to think carefully before you make assumptions from your ignorance.

To be continued…