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The Bodybuilder’s Enemy

Truth be told, it is quiet incredible how modern bodybuilders are able to lift so heavy and grow such massive muscles through the aid steroids and supplements.

But… we all know what happens at the end…

As a bodybuilder, I’m smart enough to learn from famous bodybuilders and not repeat the same mistakes they’ve made.

We all compromise to achieve certain goals, but whatever the compromise might be, let it not be at the cost of our health.

Using steroids or depending on supplements to get buff or in shape, is nothing but a shortcut and a way to cheat nature.

Everything comes with a price and a prize. You either pay it now by doing it the hard way (the natural way) and get a worthy prize later, or take the prize first and pay twenty times the price later for taking the easy way

Regardless of steroids or supplements, I won’t deny the fact that it takes hard work to get results in the gym. So, I respect every bodybuilder out there whether they use staff or not—it’s all hard work.

With that said… Let’s chop it up!

The natural steroids

When it comes to bodybuilding, all you need is your body, energy and time, and anyone walking on this planet has both at all times.

Your energy level doesn’t have to be 100% for you to have a productive workout. All you have to do is show up and take it from there.

I’ve notice that the most enjoyable and productive workouts I’ve had were in those days where I had no energy to even walk to the gym.

I’d drag my ass out the house anyway, and all of the sudden, the energy I needed magically surfaced like I had just taken some magic pill.

You have the body, the energy, and the time. Those three things are natural steroids, and the only supplements you need in the gym.

Fuck steroids, you can do without them.

Fuck muscle recovery supplements, your body can do a better job.

Be smart, don’t let hype screw you.

Any company will convince you that you need their product, and that’s exactly what they should do to get your money.

Never trust any product. You might get the results, but at what cost?

Do you know what those chemicals do to your system days, months, or years after using them?

Yeah I know, “you have a research to back it up.”

That damn research won’t get you your health back when you’re laying in the hospital, and it will never save your life when the effects of steroids drag you to your grave.

Here’s a video that I find helpful for those who are interested in supplements.

Don’t mess with nature

Using only your natural strength is effective and it has long term benefits, benefits that cannot be seen but lived.

When you respect and appreciate nature, it rewards you with a long, peaceful, and healthy life.

Using steroids or supplements conflicts with your entire system because your body has a natural and healthy way of doing things.

Never try to accelerate or enhance a natural process—you will regret it later.

We wouldn’t have global warming issues and so many natural disasters if no one was fucking with nature.

We see it on the news every day. We know what happens when we mess with nature, and we know how quickly things can get out of hand.

But… there’s always that one guy, you know him: the dude that never learns.

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, never try to cheat nature or mess with it. Avoid using anything that you can do without.

No workout or physique is worth compromising your health for by using steroids and supplements.

There are natural foods and liquids that can get you the same results without causing any harm short-term and long-term.

Yes, it might take longer, but it is worth it.

No matter what the next guy says… Always follow your instincts and use common sense.

Take the road less traveled…

“Whatever the majority is doing, do the opposite and you will never make another mistake.” – Earl Nightingale.

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