Rules & Terms


Welcome to Men Of Action (M.O.A). This page is about the rules and terms for those who want to be part of M.O.A.


What you are not allowed to do

  1. Any comment that contain links to a  page or links to any profile that’s not related to the article in question, is not allowed, and therefore, will be deleted.

2. You are only allowed to put a clean link to a website that you own. For example: instead of https://www.yoursite/page/slash/content.

What you are allowed to do

  1. You are allowed to express your honest opinion and honestly critique the content on this blog in anyway, but not in any manner that’s disrespectful.
  2. You are allow to ask questions, suggest a topic, or contact me through the contact form and make a request or suggest anything that relates to the content of this site.
  3. You are allowed to put a link to another site or source in a comment, as long as it relates to the article in question or the content on this site.
  4. You are not allowed to disrespect other commenters or the writer.

Subscription rules

  1. You are not obligated to subscribe. Do not subscribe if you don’t want to receive emails from this site or become part of this site.
  2. Emails that contains random letters or words (e.g. are not welcome to comment or subscribe. If you feel you have to hide your identity, then do not comment or subscribe.
  3. You are not allowed to promote your business here or any content that’s not related to the content of this site without permission.

What Men Of Action is about

Men Of Action is a site that caters to men who want to succeed in building their character.

This is not a get-rich blog. I will not make you rich, but I will help you overcome the obstacles that might prevent you from becoming the man you aspire to be, and from there, It’s all up to you!

You are welcome to read without commenting or subscribing.

But should you comment or subscribe, let it be for a good reason, one that contributes to both the readers and the writer of the content.

Thank you!