Rising Like Phoenix From The Fire: The Perfect Message Every Man Should Hear Every Morning – “Phoenix From The Fire” By: Beverly Craven

“Hold your nose and jump in It’s only one step at a time”

Life is like a pool, you have to learn to swim through life without drowning in the challenges.

As people, we have the habit of playing “safe” to a point that we end up doing nothing.

You got to realize that you’re never safe, none of us is safe or immune to circumstances, and that’s a given.

But that doesn’t mean you’re in danger or at risk, it means you got nothing to lose.

Whatever you do or want to achieve, be patient and take it one step a time with no fear of losing.

“Keep your sights on your destination if you know what you want out of life”

It’s easy to lose sight of the journey because there’s too much influence out there.

Always keep your journey in mind, and know what separates you from the rest so that you know how to behave and respond in various environments and situations.

Some people will test your patience and poke fun at you, mostly men, because some men will test you—just like women test us “Men.”

Your behavior and response should be congruent with your journey.

Your behavior and response will either disempower you or reinforce the traits of the character of the man you become on the journey.

“Take a chance ’cause what have you got to lose”

Do as you wish and live as you preach, but be man enough to live with your decisions and the consequences of your actions.

Be brave, shut your ears and mind when it is necessary.

People always have something to say, which might sound right but it doesn’t mean it is.

Being a man in my definition is doing what’s right for you regardless of who agrees or disagrees with you.

You have one body and one pair of brains for a reason, don’t waste your time trying to be understood—because no one really cares who you are.

We all have nothing to lose in this world because life is not promised and our time is limited.

We might differ in status but we’re all equal before the eyes of death.

“I’m telling you wait for your dreams even when you feel like giving up”

This is my eleventh article and I’m excited because it took a lot to start this blog.

I don’t expect to have a million subscribers in an hour and I also don’t care that much about traffic for now.

My focus is to learn more, grow fast, and persist longer.

If I do those three things for five years without giving up—success is guaranteed and there’s no way I won’t make it.

“Just tell yourself the harder it is the stronger you’ll be and believe in yourself”

“Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage” – Napoleon Hill.

Ever wonder why is it that we have only one or two millionaires in our neighborhoods, if not none at all?

It’s because everybody is gravitating toward the easy staff, and only a few are strong and determined enough to face the heat and until they make it.

No matter how unfair life is, success is fair.

Success knows no colour or race—it gives you what you put in—whether it be physical or mental.

Money is not choosy, if you invest in yourself (financially) and learn what you have to, you will get your fair share.

Do the hard staff, make the toughest decisions and make the smartest choices.

You have nothing to lose…

“Let nobody stand in your way telling you to change your mind’s made up”

One thing that’s so necessary to have as a man is a “backbone” if you ever want to live on your own terms and call your own shorts.

It doesn’t help to have guts when you don’t have a backbone.

A backbone is a blueprint of your masculine core, it’s where everything about you as a man is developed.

So what is a man without  backbone?

“No matter what people do or say, they can’t stop a man with a backbone from doing what he intends to do” – Emmanuel Zondi.

Having a backbone means:

1. Whether you’re wrong or right you don’t pussy out or turn your back on your plans unless you are the one making that decision to change direction, not your mother or your girlfriend, nor society.

2. You know why you have your own mind—which is to think for yourself and not allow anyone to push their brains on you.

3. You understand that some things are beyond your control, and you know that every action creates a reaction and there will be consequences.

Don’t allow people to infect you with their thought processes—that’s why you should educate yourself and know who to listen to when you have to.

You have to live life like you have the power to choose what happens to you, to choose your death and the day it will take place.

Be brave.

Become a God of action.

And remember, “You become all the things you hate when you procrastinate.”

“You can be whoever you are just do what you feel like a phoenix from the fire”

Wherever you are, whoever you are: Do what you want, it doesn’t have to be big or risky, but it has to be what you want and what you like.

I know what I want and the kind of life I want to live—no one is going to stop me.

Let no one stop you, not even your insecurities.

Forget your past and failures, rise from the ashes of your old self like the phoenix from the fire.

You can’t reinvent yourself moving backwards, cut loose your past and all the baggage.

I’ve made mistakes just like you, but my relief comes from knowing that I’m still a trillion more mistakes to go…

So what the hell?

Why worry myself?

Why worry yourself?


Your fellow God,
– Emmanuel Zondi


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