Don’t Quit Your Job

Don’t quit your job. There’s nothing wrong with having a job, but it’s wrong to have a job and not make the most out of it. There are benefits and opportunities in every situation. Just because you can’t see the opportunity, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Many self-help gurus will tell you to quit your job like they’re willing to help you with the rent when it’s due.

I just wish they could just teach you how to be more responsible first.

They should be teaching you how use the same money you earn from that shitty job to elevate your growth and improve your lifestyle before telling you to quit your job.

With this article, I want to you examine yourself and see if you are fit to quit that damn job.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Why are you quitting?

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Getting up in the morning to work for someone has always been a bad idea. I get it, we all want that freedom to do what we love without ever worrying about money.  But let’s be factual and rational: freedom is earned, it doesn’t matter how caged you feel at your job—you have to earn your way out of that job.

It’s simple: you either quit your job without a plan to keep yourself on your feet, or you quit your job and use your plan to stay on your feet—if you have one.

“Screw the damn plan. I can’t stand being underpaid and unappreciated.”

I can’t stand that either!

I quit my job this year right at the beginning of January. I worked once a week, but I was expected to do a week’s job in one day, which was so unacceptable, so I quit.

Just like you, I had a goal. That goal was to never work a full-time job, and working once a week was enough for me. I worked two jobs and at both jobs I only worked once a week, which was great for me because I got the chance to use the free time to focus on making my dreams a reality.

Every man makes sacrifices now and then, and I made that choice—as a sacrifice—to stay on that job even though I knew there were a lot of things that weren’t right. we all start somewhere.

I had a plan to keep working there while I start something on the side which was creating a blog and find ways to make money with it. So I started a blog, got a gym membership, and did other staff with the same peanuts I was making.

From that, I learned how much I can achieve with little money. Knowing how to use your money is a skill that takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice. You can complain as much as you want. Weather you make one dollar an hour: you always have the opportunity to use your money to your benefit.

It is your responsibility to get the most out of the little you make.

Your job is not the problem, you are the one who makes your job seem like a problem when it is nothing but an opportunity.

There’s something that’s bigger than what you can anticipate, a force inside of you trying to reach you. You are so caught up in what others are doing and what they are telling you do in order to be this or that.

You can quit your job. But the void will still be there.

Everything you want is right there with you, you are just so lost and confused to see that.

I worked jobs that paid me weekly what I make in a month now, but I didn’t do shit with the money, and I was always borrowing money just to get my ass to work.

Realize that without wisdom and discipline, nothing will ever be right with you and you will never be satisfied.

Why I finally quit

I have a lot of confidence in myself now, and it all came from self-improvement. I proved to myself that I’m more matured and more responsible with money like never before—I know how to invest in myself, and I know how to survive.

Are you financially disciplined? Can you survive without any income?

Before you quit, evaluate yourself and check if you are financially disciplined and financially responsible. And besides being financially responsible, are you responsible and wise when it comes to dealing with women, friends, and your family?

Your life is not a one way street. There are so many areas in your life that needs your attention. Time is always moving regardless of how you feel. Your job can’t hold you back or prevent you from getting your shit together.

Get yourself together. Stop blaming your job for your lack of wisdom, and stop using your job as an excuse and a reason why you are not turning your dreams into reality.

Your job is an opportunity. No matter how much of a shitty job it might be, still, you can accomplish a lot with the money you make there.

It doesn’t matter what you do, without financial discipline you won’t make it!

It doesn’t matter how many business ideas you have, being financially irresponsible will always lead you right where you started.

  • Check your overall attitude and outlook on life, is it positive? Are you taking the right action?
  • Check how you’ve been spending your money, is it more than the money you’ve been investing and saving?
  • Check your credit; have you missed making certain payments? And why?

Your attitude on how you view life, and your level of financial discipline will determine how far you will go after quitting your job.

“I have a good reason to quit, but my folks think I’m crazy.”

People will develop confidence in you once you prove yourself through your actions that you can get things done.

My Mother was happy and supportive when she heard I quit my job because I have proven to her through the years that I’m matured and financially responsible. She knows what I am capable of and she knows for a fact that somehow in some way I will make something happen.

Any man who is confident (through proof) in his ability to make things happen with or without a job; can do without a job.

Are you that man?

Learn to recolonize opportunity in every situation you perceive as a bad situation.

Here is a video I will continue to share till  I die because it is the only video that will get the whole point across because I think the new-age self-help movement is fucked up and quiet unintentionally misleading.

It’s your duty to have enough intuition to recognize bad advice, and the best way is to stick to the old school legends like Earl Nightingale.

Here is the video:

2. Do you have a plan?

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Quitting your job without a plan on the side is like jumping off a boat when you know you can’t swim.

Many people are fired up by the fantasy that they can just take off and roll with the winds, forget everything and leave it all behind.

Reality doesn’t work like that. Go ahead and quit without a plan, and don’t be surprised when you get that eviction notice, or when stomach scream “we gotta eat!!!”

It’s not just about having a plan. It is more about the having the ability to stick to your plan and see it through.

True confidence comes from experience, and all those years you spent proving to yourself that you are responsible and strong enough to get by on your own.

Can you commit to your goals? Will you see them through regardless of the pressure that comes from not having enough money?

It’s easy to say, “I don’t care what happens to me, I quit.”

You don’t have to care now because you are all in your head. I know you will care as soon as reality sets in. Right now you feel like it doesn’t matter, but I it will matter when the time comes.

It is one thing to be lied to, but it is another to lie to yourself.

I once had a friend who was raw and tough talking all that talk. One time he was sent to jail for assault. So I went to see him, and when I got there I saw a different person, I was confused. He was like a sweet little church-mouse in need of a hug.

You see, he fooled himself into thinking that he could handle prison without having experienced being in prison.

Just like you, you think you will just quit your job and have a few problems here and there and then effortlessly find your way through your perceived struggle.

Trust me, reality is far too different from imagination.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you could just quit your job and somehow be lucky. You need to prove to yourself that you’re matured and responsible enough to be on your own.

How many people came running back to their cruel employers after quitting?

I did that back in 2007. I thought I had a plan, but I found out that I was lazy and irresponsible to stick to my plan. I just couldn’t stand being broke. So I went back and I made a few adjustments and then I quit.

I’m not trying to convince you not to quit your job.

I’m only telling you that there’s nothing wrong with the way the world is. Life is not fair for a reason.

Everything in your life is a there to build you up and shape you into the man you were born to be.

Stop complaining and start focusing on how to be great and do what you love regardless of the circumstances that surround you.

It’s not your job that is the problem, you are the one causing the problem.

There will always be an advantage in every disadvantage, and it’s your responsibility to find it.

Good luck!

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