The Power Of Patience

Patience is a very important skill that’s always taken for granted and overlooked by many of us on our way to success.

You will fail periodically and sometimes you will feel like you are not making any progress, and when find yourself in that state of mind; patience is the only thing that can give you the strength you need to keep going.

You have to tell yourself, “no matter how long it may take, I will keep going.”

Without patience you’ll only get somewhere or anywhere, but not exactly where you really want to be.

How many people have gone back to doing what they were doing; after they tried to change their lives?

The problem is: they started with the mindset that it will only take two days to lose weight, a month to build big muscles, but, then they got to the gym and realized that it was going to take much longer than they thought, so they quit.

Don’t rush

Have you noticed how quickly time flies when you are in a hurry? Not to mention the mistakes you make and all the stuff you break when you’re in a hurry.

The same thing happens when you rush to get certain results, and you end up messing up and miss a lot of opportunities because your mind is occupied with meeting unrealistic expectations like, “getting rich overnight.”

Your first success begins with your first step toward a goal.

We all succeed everyday but we don’t know and the only thing we see is hardship and failure, and it’s because we don’t know what success really is.

“What is success?”

Here Is an example:

Boy is shy, never had a girlfriend, and is scared of talking to girls.

One day boy gathers enough courage and approaches a very attractive girl. He introduces himself and initiates a conversation and girl responds positively.

Boy gets the number and sets up a date!

Boy and girl go out a few times and girl somehow loses interest in the process and boy never hears from girl.

Now boy is frustrated, and boy is pissed at himself. Boy thinks there’s something wrong with him, and he feels like a failure.

“Did he really fail?”

No, he succeed!

Boy succeeded every step of the way until he got to an advanced level that required more confidence, self-respect, and an open mind.

Here are the list of success boy had but failed to notice and appreciate because of his focusing on the end result:

  1. He overcame his fear of approaching.
  2.  He initiated a conversation.
  3. He got her number.
  4.  He took the lead and set up the date.
  5. He showed up to the date and did something, even though that something wasn’t effective enough to escalate girl’s interest in him.

Steps & stages

Most men don’t appreciate themselves enough to notice the little successes and small steps they are taking toward their goals.

In my opinion: “there is no such thing as failure, but experience, steps and stages that needs repetition and correction.”

Stop rushing your way to the finish line, break your goal into small goals, and conquer each step by step, and repeat the difficult stages until they are no longer an obstacle.

Don’t you wonder why video games are broken down into stages?

Any game in life has steps and stages!

The steps are the action that needs to be taken by an individual to conquer the stages, and the further he goes into the game, the harder the stages become.

“If the game is easy, then it’s not worth playing.” – Emmanuel Zondi

Back then when you were young, you were patient enough to keep going back to that video game machine at the store.

You invested your coins or tokens on the game long enough that you became good at the game and no stage was of any difficulty to you anymore, and you became a master of Pac man, Street fighter, King of fighter etc.

It’s funny; I haven’t met any kid who’d stop playing a video game because he can’t beat a certain stage.

Man, they keep coming back, I see them every day at the store, and some of them can’t play but they show up everyday to play—kids are the truest players of the game of life—they don’t know how to quit.

Success is not different from that, the structure of every game is the same as any game out there, and for any player to succeed; he has to be like a kid and play everyday.

Be better

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” – Rollo Tomassi

An impatient man thinks to himself, “I’m not better, I just wish it were easier.”

Some things take time and some don’t.

It doesn’t take time to say to yourself, “I deserve” or “I will” like it does to actually acquire the skills to obtain whatever it is you think you deserve.

It is easy to convince yourself that you deserve better things and that you were meant to be great, but you don’t.

Greatness is earned, and greatness is made, and greatness … is nothing but self-made!

Cultivate your greatness with patience, enjoy watching yourself grow through trial and error, and evolve to the next level with even more patience.

Everybody wants to succeed, but no one want wants to pay the price.

Everything comes with a price: nothing is for free, and there’s no such thing as something for nothing.

You have to invest your time, energy, attention, money, and patience; more especial your patience because it is easy to quit.

Your destiny relies on your ability to think and plan patiently while you make your moves.

Nothing is impossible with patience, and patience is power … be patient!

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