Mr Nice Guy: How How To Overcome The Nice Guy Syndrome – Part #1

I wouldn’t be writing about the nice guy syndrome if it wasn’t important.

Being a nice guy is dangerous, it can cost you your dreams, happiness, time ,freedom, resources and even cost you your life, or worse—turn you into a serial-killer.

I was once a nice guy, I know from experience and I appreciate all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned over the years because they made me who I am.

You don’t have to be ashamed of being a beta-nice guy, there is a solution and it is called “self-improvement.”

The question is: “are you willing to change?”

Read on…

Stop wasting your time

Stop Wasting Your Time Topic Image

Have you ever had a woman lead you on, while she  knew deep down she had no interest in you?

Some women are honest and upfront, but the majority of them will waste your time, if you allow them to.

When you are being vague and ambiguous with your interests and intentions you open up the door for women to be vogue and ambiguous” – Alan Roger Currie.

Life is too short to pretend, you have to be willing to risk getting rejected by letting a woman know what you really want directly without investing more of your time, attention, money and other resources.

Women that are genuinely interested in you wont hesitate to express their interest in you no matter how soon you let them know what you want.

The sooner you get it out your chest, the better.

There are women wont be interested in you but they will keep you on a leash and use you and then toss you aside.

If you don’t pay close attention to women’s actions and only believe what they say, you will get played big-time, unless you have the courage to walk away.

There’s so much power in walking away, if she’s vague and ambiguous about her interests and intentions, take it as a sign to walk away…

I recommended you read The Possibility Of Sex: How Naive And Lustful Men Are Manipulated By Women Regularly by Alan Roger Currie

This book will help you spot the women who have no other interest in you but  to use you.

Another great book is Mode One: Let The Women Know What You Really Thinking by Alan Roger Currie.

Mode One has been talk down by many dating coaches, and most men are reluctant to the idea of expressing sexual desires immediately when they meet the woman of interest, but take it from me, Mode One is the ultimate solution.

I will write an article and i will go in depth on why you should be mode one, what i learned from being Mode One, and what are the benefits of being Mode One other than getting laid.

Mode One is a time-saver, it works both ways—whether it’s rejection or reciprocation—it will be immediate.

Delayed rejection sucks, it’s hard to get over the fact that you’ve wasted your time, money, and resources to later be told: “no, I’m not interested” or “let’s just be friends.”

Read Mode One and be Mode One, you will either get rejected or get laid, but you won’t waste your time or money in the process.

Nobody respects a nice guy

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Everybody likes the nice guy because they get their way with him, that’s why women keep him in the friend-zone—they know he can be of service and cater to their needs without any resistance.

  • A woman will flake on him more than once, but he will still pursue her without holding her accountable or seeing her for what she is: a time-waster
  • A woman will ignore both his texts and calls, but he won’t stop trying because he believes that she is the one
  • A woman will mistreat and disrespect him publicly or privately, but he will make an excuse for her instead taking it as a sign to next her and move on
  • A woman will get away with a lot of shit but he will keep chasing her and hope she finally stops and realizes how much of a great guy he is for her

Nice guy at her service

Nice guys to women are like cops, firemen, doctors, physiologists, providers, and father figures—they are always a call away.

Women keep their relationships with nice guys strictly platonic because it is beneficial to them, and the only time they prefer getting in a relationship with the nice is when they know they have hit the wall or when they realize they’ve run out of options.

Rollo Tomassi goes deep in detain on that in The Rational Male

The possibility

The Possibility Topic Image

Note:  all the credit on this topic goes to the eBook: The  Possibility Of Sex by Alan Roger Currie

One powerful tool women use is the “possibility” that one day they might give in your sexual desires.

Tell me, if you knew 100% that she was never ever going agree to have sex with you or get in a relationship with you, and that she just wanted to use you for her own selfish desires, would you still pursue her?

A manipulative woman knows enough not to reject you right away because she needs your non-sexual attention and all the benefits that come with it without the responsibility of giving you what you want in return.

Alan breaks it down and he goes deep in detail about how women use the possibility of sex to keep a guy on the loop, when they know deep down that they will never ever give him what he’s hoping to get.

A woman will use the possibility of sex as bait to keep the poor nice guy in a position where he thinks: “if I do everything she asks for, finally she will reciprocate my desires.”

Nobody respects a man that doesn’t value himself, his time and resources.

Here are two things to remember:

  1. You don’t need money to have value, but you need money to improve your living conditions and to make your dreams a reality.
  2. You don’t need anyone’s permission to respect yourself, but you earn that respect through your actions.

Nice guys are easy to manipulate

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“Using covert contracts prevents nice guys from getting their needs met” – Robert Glover

What makes a nice guy easy to manipulate is his covert ways of getting his needs met, which gives a woman enough time to plot and execute her plan to get what she wants.

She will use him and drain him out of his time, attention, and resources and later friend-zone him so that she can continue to use him more effectively while keeping their relationship strictly platonic.

“A woman is always having sex, you just have to be the right guy at the right time.” – Rollo Tomassi

This is true, when a woman tells you she’s not ready, she simply implies that you are not the right guy currently—but she’s  definitely ready for the guy she’s genuinely attracted to.

“So how do I deal with this situation?”

Tell her you’re also not ready to waste your time waiting, or simply walk away and ignore her completely.

Genuine desire

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“You want her to be so into you that she’s willing to break the rules” – Rollo Tomassi

Wouldn’t it be great to have her break the rules just to please you?

Guys, this is not a fantasy, every man has a group of women who would do anything he asks of them—only if he’s the right guy at the right time.

“What do I have to do to be the right guy?”

This is not something you can fully control because no matter how confident or straightforward you are.

Some women will never be into you, that’s why it’s important to know when to quit before you waste your time and energy.

At times, a woman will have some interest in you but then lose it and friend-zone you because you are a “nice guy.”

Personally, i love  losing a woman who doesn’t have genuine interest in me or the one who had it but lost it for whatever reason.

You will become the right guy through trial and error, don’t worry about losing a woman because the world will never be in shortage of the hot sexy 18, 19, 20, 25 year olds.

The more you improve yourself and take more action, the better quality of women you’ll have.

Three things to get you on the path of being the right guy to all the women who have genuine interest in you:

Read No More Mr Nice Guy: A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life by Robert A. Glover and do the exercises.

No More Mr Nice Guy Cover

2. Read The Rational Male and take that red pill every day and never stop.

The Rational Male Cover

3. Read Mode One and be “mode-one” (upfront and straightforward) with every woman you meet starting from today, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel—just do it.

Note: Mode One is not about fucking women but it”s about being upfront with your intentions to avoid the drama that comes with being indirect.

Mode One Cover

4. Read Oooooh… Say It Again and refine your verbal seduction skills.

Oooooh... Say It Again Cover

5. Read The Possibility Of Sex and save your time, money, and resources.

The Possibility Of Sex Cover

I know you’re wondering why i recommended three book by the same Author.

Mode One is not a sand-alone kind of book, you need all three books to be effective in your approach.

Mode one teaches you how to be bold and direct and it also teaches you how to value your time and how to respect yourself as a man in a society that’s doing it’s best to take away all the value and respect from good men like you and me.

Oooooh… Say It Again teaches you how to deal with the whole seduction process, and the good thing is: there is an audio book version.

There are four seduction stories it in and Alan actually hired real women to play the roles of the women he actually seduced in real life, and i think that’s what makes this audio book so special because you get to learn in real-time how to deal with different women in different situations.

Tip: Great things don’t happen overnight (though anything is possible). You should think long term, the amount of time you put in self-improvement will pay off in large dividends.

You will mess up, but that’s where the “growth” takes place and that’s how you become the man that women want instead of being a man women like but wont fuck.

Become your hero

Become your own hero and save yourself, fight for yourself and grow and improve for no one else but yourself.

No woman is worth fighting for, sacrificing for, or dying for.

Let go of the past and forgive but don’t forget because they might do it again.

Stop being a nice guy—it costs too much.

They say crime does not pay, but so as being a nice guy…

You’re a GOD—treat yourself like one!

To be continued…

-Emmanuel Morewa



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