Get Off your “But”: No One Is Coming To Save You

Where you are right now is exactly where you chose to be. If not, then you’d be elsewhere.

Whether you know it or not, everyday you make choices and decisions not only with your mind but with your actions—more especially your actions.

When you decide to watch tv and eat junk food all day you are literally making a choice, and you know how far you’ll get if you keep making more of those choices.

I know it’s been a tough road for and you’ve been trying, but there’s to be a change, things have to change for good.

It’s time you accept that no one is coming for you and no one is going to save you.

You are alone on this, it’s all in your hands now, you are no longer a baby and now you know better, and it’s time to do better.

No more crying, no more blaming and pointing fingers, and no more excuses, and more quitting, you are going after what’s yours and you won’t stop until you get it.

You got to take action, but the right action…

Get off you “but”

Sean Stephenson wrote a book title: Get Off Your “But”: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself.


Sean was born with a generic disease called Osteogenesis imperfecta know as “brittle bone disease” which robbed him the privilege of having a normal life.

Much of his youth was spent in pain and he had to deal with the stunted growth and mobility limitations, a simple cough would cause his bones to fracture.

Now imagine all that pain he had to go through besides having to deal with not being like other normal kids.

Sean learned early on that there was nothing he could do to change his physical condition, but through the help of his mentor Tony Robbins he discovered that he can in fact change his mind and use the power of his mind to change his perception, and change his life.

He s took advantage of the same condition that tormented his throughout his child hood and he used it positively to influence and inspire people like me and you that if someone like him can overcome such a predicament, then why can’t we?

Excuses count for nothing, there’s no amount of excuses that can change a man’s life.

It doesn’t matter how rational or reasonable the excuse is, the world doesn’t care to stop spinning so that you can catch your breath and catch up, and time won’t stop and wait for you to be ready—stop making excuses and do something.

How many excuses do you need to face reality?

When are you going to take responsibility?

Responsibility and Leadership

Taking responsibility is an act of leadership; you don’t have to lead the whole community to become a leader because you are a leader by birth—a leader of your own mind.

We are all leaders, though some of us blame our parents or the government for our mistakes, while we are the ones who led ourselves right where we find ourselves today.

Your parents never led you to the brothel, and certainly, the government never led you to the strip club or told forced you to max out your credit card and waste your money on expensive things you didn’t need.

You did all that by yourself, you led with your dick and you led yourself to that financial shit-hole, and it’s all because of your poor leadership.

You have led yourself poorly and now here you are blaming and pointing your finder in the wrong direction.

You fucked up and now it’s time to take responsibility and clean up your mess, that’s how you man up.

Man-up or step aside

This world is so big and there’s room for everyone. There’s a place for men and a place for man-boys, and if you are man-boy who refuses to man-up, then you will be doing fine being the government’s bitch—step aside.

As harsh as that statement is, you know it’s true, the government and the consumer culture love man-boys because they benefit from their naivety and recklessness.

When a man-boy man-up, he becomes wise and empowered, he sees things for what they are, he views life through red-pill lens—the truth.

So how do you get to from a man-boy to a man?

It’s simple, take responsibility and this means you do whatever it takes to change.

You have to force yourself to change the same way you force yourself to lift weights.

You can do it.

If you don’t do it who will?

Let me put it this way, if you are not happy with your life then in means you are stuck in a shit-hole, and no one cares if you rot in there, and you know no one is ever coming to save you.

What choice do you have?

You know you want to get out, and you know getting out is not going to be easy, but if you don’t do it, who will?

What do you got to lose? You got to putting in a good fight. This doesn’t have to be the end, matter fact this is your new beginning, and you are at war and you have to win and you will win.

You will prove them wrong.

Prove them wrong

Forget who you were yesterday, only keep a picture to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Even if you don’t know where to start how to start, just do it.

You will dedicate every minute and second of your life in your work, you will work hours after hours until you get it done.

You will prove them wrong.

Who you were yesterday is food for the past, you are here today and who you become tomorrow should be your only concentrate.

You got left behind, but there’s no need to catch up, there’s no need to run. Slowly but surely you will get there, right where you need to be.

You still have a chance because you are still alive..

You are never behind, you are still alive

No matter what, you should always be thankful that you are alive, stop wanting things you are not willing struggle for.

Every success comes with a struggle and a prize; you don’t just wake up and make it.

Don’t be discouraged by people’s achievement, be inspired because no one is ahead of you, no matter what they’ve got.

The world is always turning and even those at the top can make mistakes that will take them back down to where they started.

You can start at the bottom with nothing and end up at top, no matter how small you start.


With your actions you carve your destiny, it is obvious that an apple seed will bear only apples. When you leave it all to fate, you are asking for trouble, because your fate lies within your actions.

Nothing was meant to be; but everything was meant to be created through action, not luck or fate.

God created the world, when fate and luck couldn’t – Emmanuel Zondi

Make your own luck

They only people who get lucky are those who go out and take a chance.

You don’t have to be a genius or have big ideas, all you need is guts to take action, don’t undermine yourself, you can make something big out nothing.

I know it’s hard, but fuck… You are not the only one who has it bad. The power is in your head and if you can’t use it or don’t use it, it will use you (trust me; things will get ugly).

Death is coming for us all

The only reason I fear death is that, I will never get to live again and make better choices and decisions again.

And honestly, I fear for you too. Once you die; it’s over… You won’t get another chance to be bold, courageous, and brave.

Be brave today, be bold and have courage now. Take all the risks you can, it is worth it. Don’t worry about messing up or looking stupid because what you get at the end is something they will never have.

That’s whole the point of taking risks, is to avoid being at risk of not taking any risks, it is because you refuse to be average, and you don’t want to be the dude who lived and died for nothing.

No one is coming to save you; no one is going to make it easy for you. You have to save yourself, do it for “YOU”. Be your own hero and take a chance, TAKE ACTION.

It is now or never, and soon, before you know it, it will be your day… or your last day.

No one is  coming to save you…

I’m out…

-Emmanuel Zondi

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