I Know Who You Are Now: The wisdom And Power Behind “Dear Wormwood” Song By: The Oh Hellos – Part #1

The Oh Hellos

“When I was a child, I didn’t hear a single word you said”

A child won’t pay attention to the voice in the head, because the voice to a child is like a foreign language, so why pay attention?

If you were deaf, would you waste your time listening to someone talk?


As man you understand your language, and the voice uses the same language to communicate and control you.

By language I mean your mindset.

“If i change my mindset, will the voice change too?”

Yes …

“The things I was afraid of, they were all confined beneath my bed”

Most of the things you’re afraid of are really not as powerful as you think, they are all beneath you.

You have to understand that fear is in your mind, don’t allow it to control your actions.

All the people you think are better than you are far from being half the man you are.

You just don’t have the eyes to see yourself beyond your looks, possessions or all that you lack.

“But the years have been long, and you have taught me well to hide away”

Everything you do is a result of all those years of doing the same thing over and over.

You have conformed, and got trapped in your comfort zone.

In order to alternate your outcome you have to educate yourself and learn new habits that empower and enhance your character for the better.

It really doesn’t help beating yourself up for all the mistakes you’ve made.

You just didn’t know, blaming and regretting doesn’t count, and it really doesn’t matter.

“The things that I believed in, you’ve taught me to call them all escapes”

The voice will go against anything beyond what you know because it is used to you being average.

The voice is programmed by you subconsciously, so you cannot blame the voice.

If you have doubted yourself all your life, then the voice will operate at the same level, or worse.

Whenever you think of something unusual, the voice will see that as an illusion or an escape until you prove it wrong by doing the unfamiliar.

It takes a lot of action to reprogram your subconscious and teach the voice in your head a new language so that it can work for you.

It takes time, so be patience with yourself.

No one can prove that you won’t succeed, no one can prove that you can’t do the things that have been done or never been done before.

You are the only one who can prove yourself wrong or right, only you!

“I know who you are now”

Anyone who is aware of this voice in the head is beyond blessed, even though this wisdom is thrown around like candy and taken for granted.

We have gotten so familiar with the theory of this wisdom than we are with applying it.

We know too much but yet we do so little with what we know, with what teaches us to do more and beyond more.

The purpose of the voice

The voice has a purpose to help you get better and stronger, by challenging your ideas and beliefs so that you can grow a backbone and a pair of balls.

Be your own man.

Be a man that believes in only what he believes, and a man that does what feels right to him.

Let’s be honest, what would you be without that voice?


The voice is not the enemy, it is a shadow of your thoughts and fillings.

Change the way you think, it will change the way you feel, and then the voice will follow.

No such thing as a mistake

There are no mistakes in life, everything happens for a reason.

The voice is there for a reason, you can mold it and teach it a new language that works in your favor.

You have the power to lead the voice by not doing everything it tells you to do, and not believing anything it says.

The voice has power, look what it has done, it has turned you into someone.

Whether that someone is confident or insecure, imagine what else it can turn you into if you give it some direction.

Educate and empower yourself, you have to be in the right mind to set a direction for the voice because it becomes what you know.

It becomes you …

Your fellow God,
– Emmanuel Zondi

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