Finding Your Anchor

As the everyday life unfolds, there are always challenges that requires an anchor or anchors of  some sort  to persist in your daily tasks of your life’s mission.

Having a passion and a strong desire is a start, but in order to really make something happen you will need more than just passion and desire.

For you to persist in whatever you are passionate about, you will need some mental supplements to help boost your esteem and keep yourself motivated enough to stay on course.

Maintaining that razor-sharp optimum determination and focus requires a strong anchor or anchors to overcome daily obstacles.

The “anchor” concept is vastly used in action movies: where the good guy uses the memory of his brother’s death as an anchor to defeat the bad guy. And that’s generally how it works in real life.

You have what it takes to make it, you just need that boost, the right anchor for the right situation.

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What is an anchor?

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An “Anchor” is a persons or thing which provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

We all use anchors everyday in various situations. But for the most part, anchors come in handy when you need motivation and strength to do something that challenges you.

For example, you might draw inspiration from a movie that embodies the lifestyle you want to create.

Or you might  identify with the main character because of the similarities between your personal life and the character’s life in a movie and use that movie as inspiration to stay focused.

There are some songs, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, and youtube vids that I always refer for inspiration whenever i get out of line.

For example, whenever i lose focus on my mission, i listened to the audiobook: Pimp: The Story Of My Life by Robert Beck a.k.a Iceberg Slim.

It helps me drive back focus into my mission, to continue rewriting the the story of my life through my actions no matter how hard it is or what happens.

No matter how strong you are, sometimes you need a reminder that you are on the right path and you are doing what’s best for you.

You can’t rely on people because most people don’t have the courage to say all those great things about you to your face, they’d rather speak of all those things at your funeral.

It’s sad because those words matter, a simple genuine complement can change the course of your day or your life as whole.

I never withhold genuine complements because i know the impact they can have on that person, even more so, influence the decisions they make in a positive way.

Words carry a lot of weight, words have power to boost a person’s esteem and level of performance, that’s why i recommend you find and create anchors as source of encouragement and motivation to help you persist in whatever you are do.

An anchor can change your life

The Possibility Topic Image

Behind every man’s success, lies layers and mountains of anchors. It wasn’t just determination and hard work alone, but it was that one anchor that got him started, and all of those other anchors that kept him on the road.

For some men, prison was an anchor that pulled them out of the life of violence and crime, it shaped their character, and prepared them mentality and paved the way for them to have a fresh start and build a new constructive life.

Just like the ex-cons that used prison as an anchor, you can use your situation as an anchor to change and improve your life.

Creating an anchor

Creating An Ancho Topic Image

An anchor can be created out of both negative and positive circumstances.

You can use your struggle as motivation to do better, and you can also use your success as motivation to do even better, either way, it doesn’t matter.

Just like they say, “People with money tend to attract more money.”

When a man gets wealthy, he develops more confidence in his ability to increase his wealth.

And where does all that confidence come from?

It comes from an anchor being the proof that he got it in himself to make more money, and that’s what motivates him to stay on course in the first place.

Fear as an anchor

Quitting smoking can be motivated by the fear of getting cancer which is an anchor by itself. If the fear is strong enough, then it will more than likely influence the individual to quit.

As negative as fear might be viewed, it has the power to motivate people to change in a positive way.

“Everything we do is governed by fear.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Keeping a job comes from a fear of living in poverty, otherwise, no one would bother with going to college or getting a job.

But all in all, fear is a powerful anchor, and if used positively, one can accomplish so much more than anticipated.

A genuine complement is an anchor

GenuinenComplement Image

When I started lifting weights, it was hard, and i was all over the place not knowing what i was doing.

At some point i thought it was just a waste of time and i almost quit because all of the discouragement i got from the guys at the gym who were laughing behind my back instead of showing me how it’s done.

But, i persisted and day by day i got better and better.

Before i knew it, people stated noticing the change in my physique, some of them would ask, “Are you lifting weights?” and i often replied, “no, I’m just doing a lot of push-ups.”

They’d argue that it was impossible to accomplish that just by doing push-ups, which for me, was a compliment that meant i was doing a good job and that motivated me to lift even harder and show up five or six days a week.

People noticing me created an anchor that boosted my confidence and became more determined and focused.

Another anchor developed from a genuine compliment i got from a young lady i know.

One morning i went out to run and later i decided to run one more time, and i came across her and she was like, “Are you going at it again?” and i was like, “Yeah why not?”

Then she said, “I saw you running this morning, and i never saw anyone run that distance that fast, i couldn’t catch up with you even if i tried.”

That right there got me all fired-up and from that day, i made it a goal to increase my speed and so as the distance.

The encounter with that young lady created an anchor that i use every time i run, and surprisingly, it works all the time. That goes to show the power of creating and using an anchor.

I know for a fact she’s not the only one that noticed my performance.

It wasn’t the complement that motivated me, but it was the fact that she notice something that i didn’t even notice because i though i was running like everybody else.

She made me realize that i could do more and that i have the potential to do what people would consider impossible.

Do so see the impact and the difference between the two anchors i have for lifting weight and for running?

You will need different anchors for different situations, some will develop unconsciously and some consciously, but the bottom line is: you got to use them and take action.

Hope this article has helped you in some way.

To be continued…

-Emmanuel Morewa

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As life’s challenges stagger in your everyday life, it is in your best interest to find an anchor as a supplement to boost your esteem and use it to rise above the fray to pursue your goals and dreams effectively.

Find your anchor, it is in your best interest. Anchors are supplements you use to boost your esteem to rise above the fray of the everyday challenges that stagger as you progress with your mission in life.



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