Living A Drama Free Life

“It’s possible to live a drama free life” – Steve Dean Williams – founder of the

I’ve see a lot of women disrespect their men in public, the same men that provide for them. And I asked myself why? Why do men tolerate this shit? Because I know I wouldn’t.

I don’t know much about women but I know that I won’t allow anyone to walk all over me, it just won’t happen—I won’t have it.

Steve made a good example, he said something like: “a woman won’t show up late at work or shout at her boss because there are standards she has to live by and she is well aware that she will get fired if she behaves in a disrespectful manner.”

Does this mean that a woman won’t respect you as a man if you don’t have standards?

Yes, there is nothing keeping her from doing whatever she wants, is there?

I used to think it was okay for a woman to shout or scream at her man, throw staff at him when she is angry, and give him the silent treatment when she didn’t feel like talking.

That’s all I kept seeing—women running things.

I remember a guy telling me: “once you settle in a relationship, she will run things and there’s nothing you can do” back in my mind I was like “fuck this guy, who the hell does he think I am.”

I replied: “nope, not me” because I know I won’t allow that shit—I’d rather be by myself.

You always have a solution

“There is no problem in a relationship there’s only a solution” – Steve Dean Williams.

Anything can become a problem when you allow it to, there’s always a solution to everything.

Don’t be afraid to lose anything or anyone that causes you drama—the solution is to let them go.

It’s not that a man can’t handle a woman, but it’s because a man can’t handle himself—it all starts with the man.

I once met a young lady online, we were supposed to meet somewhere for our first date, but she insisted that she comes to me. She came and we had sex.

She thought I was like those guys who would do anything for sex.

She tried to play mind games and tried to get some money out of me because I slept with her. I didn’t hesitate, I let her go because of the drama she was about to bring into my life.

Remember, it all starts small—recognize.

Actions speak louder than words

Throughout my childhood, I had a lot of people tell me often, how much they loved and cared for me. But none of them showed it.

People often say things they don’t mean and make promises they can’t keep, and for some reason we fail to call them out or do something when they fail to keep their word.

Everything begins small and just like problems, they start small, and eventually things get out of hand.

Actions are everything, everything that exist was created by actions not words. Words won’t do nothing for you, words are nothing but tools people use to fool, control and manipulate.

Watch this video:

Have standards

I failed to set standards in the past, and the results always left me bitter.

For better results in life, you have to know your standards, make your intentions clear to avoid drama.

They will test you

If you thought shit tests came only from women, then you are wrong because men test other man as well.

When I joined the gym, I was excited and  everybody was cool. But all that changed. I was back to reality, back in a world of love and hate.

I got tested a lot by men (instead of women), some of them tried to give me orders indirectly, and talk to me like I was a little boy to see how I would react.

But I wasn’t going to allow it, so I had to handle it.

When anyone does something to test you, don’t react, be calm and respond in a way that lets whoever it is know that you are not about that shit.

Let Them Go

If anyone refuses to acknowledge and respect your standards, you just have to show them the door.

Here is how you deal with them:

  • If she starts playing mind-games, remind her what you expect from her and who she is dealing with. If she fails to comply, let her go.
  • If he keeps disrespecting you, keeps giving you orders indirectly, and keeps talking to you like a bitch, let him know what time it is. Never tolerate bullshit.

Have zero tolerance for men and women who cross your boundaries.

If they don’t respect your boundaries then they certainly won’t respect you or value anything you say.

Don’t even try to explain

Do you know what the other guy did at the gym after I put him in his place?

He acted like a victim, like I was being  arrogant.

I didn’t bother explaining my actions and I didn’t care if we got physical, because I knew he was testing me.

Like Alan Roger Currie said in Mode One: “a wholesome pretender will always test you, she wants to know the size of your balls and the strength of your backbone.”

Most guys will do that because they don’t have confidence, they are the fake alphas.

A confident man has nothing to prove.

A fake alpha will do things to get attention from men and

Don’t let them get to you.

Know your standards, state your intention, and set those boundaries.

Be drama free …

Your fellow God,

Emmanuel Zondi

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