How To Live A Simple Life By Realizing Your Destiny

What’s your destiny?

Ever wonder what a pure simple life is like?

What you imagine to be a simple and exciting life, is nothing but another man’s reality or dream turned into reality, or simply: his destiny.

You look at someone’s life and think, “that’s it, he got it.” But that’s just an observation, an unverified assumption.

There are many wealthy, fun, and out going people who seem (on the outside) to be enjoying their lives, but in actuality it’s all a facade, they look at you the same way you look at them and wish they could trade places.

The bottom line is, every man has his own destiny, and his destiny might be viewed by others as the ultimate lifestyle or the worst because of what they see on the outside.

The key to a happy and simple life is realizing your destiny and embracing it even if it is not what you think you want or deserve.

I’m going to share with you a couple of things you have to understand in order to shift your focus from other people’s destinies and fully focus on yours and embrace it.

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The Design Of Life


Life has unique designs for each an every individual’s path, one that cannot be altered or forfeited no matter how powerful or enlightened you are.

What I’m implying by “design” is simply your destiny. Life creates patterns and circumstances for all of us, for the sole purpose of getting us to the path we were destined for.

But often, we fail to understand why certain things happen to us or why some things never workout no matter how focused, motivated, or educated we are.

Our lives would be so easy if we lived by ourselves in separate worlds where no one could see how the other person is living or what he/she doing.

But since that’s not the case, there is a solution. In order to maintain quality focus, you have to cut off  things such as:

  • social media
  • television
  • and the internet

To achieve any goal, you need all your focus, so to get it back, you have to stay away from those three things for a certain period of time so that you don’t get destructed or discourage in the process of creating the life you want.

Everything is possible and you can do anything, but you can’t change your life’s design and that’s just one thing you have to understand. You can temporarily force your own designs and succeed for a couple of years, but guess what?

If it’s not the one you were meant for… it won’t last.

Nature is powerful that it never fails, only you can fail to a point that you mess up your ultimate design because you would not surrender to your destiny.

Life is fair, and it allows you to make your own decisions even if they go against the life it has designed for you.

The sad part is, there’s a chance that you might die while still struggling to forge your own design, and fail to see the signs and opportunities right in your current circumstances.

“Everything that’s for you, already got your name on it” – Kevin Barnes

The question is, how long do you have until you realize that your life is already designed for you?

Choosing another man’s life design over the design the universe destined for you, is a downward-spiral.

Surrendering is the key!

The surrender


Surrendering to your life design simply implies that you get out of the universe’s way, meaning you allow nature to take it’s course without attaching yourself to the circumstances that unfold in your life.

If you read the Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer, you will realize the power of surrendering and the nature of your life’s design.

Trust me, no matter what you do, if it’s something that’s not part of your life’s design, it will fail at some point, and you will realize it when you get there.

The Patterns

Life knows that most people will never do anything to change, unless something happens. So life will use different patterns or circumstances to push you to a point that change becomes necessary.

That job you got, the one that’s shitty, it’s nothing but a pattern, a kick in the ass that’s meant to piss you off and drive you crazy enough that you get up and do something.

Everything that’s happening in your life has a purpose and it’s meant to happen so that you either do something or drawn in misery.

I’ve worked jobs that I considered good jobs. The pay was great, but I never accomplished anything of value.

For the past decade, I’ve worked two jobs two days a week and made less than $100 a month, and it wasn’t the kind of jobs I would choose 10 years ago, but I accomplished so many things with the little money I’ve made.

Those two jobs I had,  were nothing but patterns thrown my way, and through all the misery I discovered a passion for writing and I created and funded this blog, as a result of the experiences that came along while I worked those two jobs.

Everything that you see going on around the world, whether good or bad, is a result of the patterns nature designs for a specific purpose to either influence change or maintain balance—It’s absolutely nothing personal..

Life’s balance


Imagine a world were everybody is the CEO and no one works for another.

How is that possible? If it is, then that means there will no longer be a secretary, a manager, or a cleaner.

The has to be a balance for everything to work in harmony.

All the bad experiences, the shitty jobs, the bad relationships, and natural disasters have to exist for there to be a healthy balance in life.

The self-help movement is on point when it comes to motivating individuals to become the best versions of themselves, but most of us won’t make the cut.

Success and financial freedom is not for everyone, and anyone who says we can all make it, is talking out of his ass.

It’s like motivating a deer to become a lion or saying to a lion “Lion, you can slide through the grass just like a snake. You just have to believe in yourself.” That’s just bullshit.

Some people are not built for certain things. Though, this doesn’t mean the weak can’t be strong, but only a handful have what it takes to be strong.

You might be terrible when it comes to athletics but genius in academics.  It is evident that there’s a balance taking place.

The has to be a master and a servant, the strong and the weak, and the wise and the dumb for the world to function accordingly.

Life is this way for a reason, it has never changed, and it has been this way since the beginning of time.

No one has the power to change the order of nature, and no one ever will, no matter how powerful and influential you are.

Accept and appreciate the order of things, while you keep believing in yourself and do what you have to do.

By doing so, you allow the universe to lead you and guide you to your treasure (your destiny).

Destiny at work


Finding your destiny is not something you search for, but it is what happens, what you discover, and who you become in the process.

Ever wonder why sometimes things go wrong when you think you’ve got it all figured?

That is nature at work in it’s perfect design.

“Generally speaking, what we mean by destiny is impossible for people to create, but takes shape naturally and spontaneously, bringing those patterns and events into existence. This is called destiny, or fate.” – Samurai Wisdom

The patterns, as undesirable they might be, play an important role in shaping and pushing you in the direction you were destined to take.

Stress and depression result from refusing to accept the course of your destiny. In this world, nothing happens by mistake, and nothing occurs randomly.

Everything that happens in your life is nothing but the patterns nature designs for you to get you where you are supposed to be.

“A man of mettle keeps his wits about him at such times. This is what it means to be unaffected by riches and rank or poverty and lowliness.

The Book of Changes says, “When there is no water in the wetlands, that is exhaustion; a noble man therefore lives out his destiny to achieve his aim.”

It also says, “When there is water on top of a mountain, it is halted; a noble man in this situation reexamines himself and cultivates character.” This is the understanding with which a noble man makes peace with his destiny in times of distress and conditions of hardship.” – Samurai Wisdom

Make peace with your destiny, allow nature to fully perform it’s purpose.

Whether you like it or not, somehow in some way, you will get there and hopeful you realize it’s not always up to You, but destiny.

Appreciate all the circumstances, in your eyes, they might be just another bad thing, but in reality they are pure blessing in disguise and a road leading straight to your destiny.

Whats your situation?

Lost a job or a long-term lover?

Get out the way, trust and believe that destiny is at work.

I’ll leave you with this quote…

Master Cheng said, “In times of distress, when you’ve exhausted all preventative measures and still cannot escape, that is destiny.” – Samurai Wisdom

To be continued…


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