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How To Avoid Poverty: One Step Guaranteed To Cause You To Fail Your Mission In Life

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The time has come were we all know the truth, and the truth is: we all can make it. Gone are those days were you had to rely on a label to record and release your music, and gone are those days were you had to fly from one country to another country to network.

Today, we can all network in the confines of our homes on one single piece of device that’s cheap and affordable, “The Mobile Phone.”

It’s quite obvious that we all have the power and advantage to achieve things that seemed impossible centuries ago.

With that said, it’s now time for you to get on the highway and head your way.

Don’t start a family just yet

Coming to this world, growing up, going to college and getting a degree, getting a job, building a family is no longer enough, though, it used to be.

Now times have changed and therefore we are required to change and adjust in order to align ourselves with this new world and take advantage of all the opportunities that come with it.

Like they say, “Preparation meets Opportunity,” but there are a list of things that can prevent you from preparing yourself for the right opportunities, and one of the first and worst of them all is starting a family too early.

If you’re a man it means you have a mission, you might not know it now, but you do and it is your job to figure it out. Your mission is your lover, companion, and your first child, even more so, your first family.

In my experience, starting a family too early without first educating and establishing yourself mentally, physically, and financially is one hell of a leap into poverty.

The only destination for taking shortcuts is hell!

“is starting a family a too early a shortcut?”

Yes indeed it is!

The motivation behind settling down too early before accomplishing anything is to avoid solitude. Most men can’t handle going at it alone, and I understand because it is not easy, it is hard.

So men use family as a form of accomplishment so that they can feel like they’ve achieved something extraordinary by doing something easy as making a baby or getting married.

But in reality, they are shit-scared of facing the world alone, so they abandon their purpose and use family as a substitute and an excuse why they can’t quit an unworthy job to pursue their dream.

When you rush into taking steps that bind you for a lifetime, you will regret it every minute of every breath you take. When you start bringing babies into the world and settling down just for the heck of it, you will pay the reoccurring price.

Your mission comes first!!!

Take the road less traveled and resist the temptation of being like everybody. For now nothing is more important than your mission in life, it is the only key to the door of peace, freedom, and power.

The only price you have to pay is your time because all of the hard work and money you put in will return in quadruple digits and will keep multiplying until you die, only if you keep your foot on your path.

Have a ruthless and unapologetic discipline toward your mission and make it your sole priority because it is. You will thank yourself years to come if you stick with your mission/purpose.

Why you are here

Your life’s purpose is what places value and reason to why you are here.

Starting a family is easy, regardless of how much it takes to sift through all the rejections, flaking, and screening of all the unstable and crazy women out there.

But getting on your path and fully committing is one tough task that requires a ruthless and unapologetic mindset and will to put everything else aside and dive in deep into your purpose.

It’s easy to make babies because it only takes a minute or two to nut out your semen inside any woman.

That’s why it’s wise not to rush things and really consider what you are getting yourself into when you bring an innocent child into this world—not to mention the number of beautiful women who are not fit to be mothers or wives that you might run it into.

“But I want to have my own family, I could die any day.”

I know that, but like I said: your mission is your first family your greatest legacy.

Your legacy is your mission, your first child; it will leave on a thousand years to come if you put your mission first and do your work. Your mission is the foundation that paves the way for your second family being your future girlfriend/wife and kids.

The world won’t remember you through your children; but the world will remember you through your work, and your family will respect you for that. We remember Bob Marley for his work and not all the babies he fathered.

Being a man of action means you have to be light as a feather, a feather carries no weight or baggage, so, you got to cut it all loose so that you can be as flexible as you need to be to crush life and get things done.

You don’t need anything or anyone on your list of worries when you tackle your daily challenges and tasks of your mission—no destructions.

People have it wrong thinking family is more valuable and important than their mission.

You might build a family and think you have something, but next thing you know, you lose your job, your wife withholds sex, your oldest son goes to jail, your second son is on math, and not to mention the fact that your precious little princes gets pregnant at 13.

Next thing you know your wife files for divorce and your kids hate you.

You might think I’m being hateful or against building a family, but look at the statistics of reality.

You’d be better off focusing on your purpose first, which is something that won’t turn on you or hate you. Matter fact, your mission is a gift and a savior for you and your future family.

Again, Bob Marley is dead, but he’s not just dead… he is “dead-rich,” his mission still lives and it generates a lot of income and security for his family till to this day, though he died in the 80’s.

Can you see the beauty in that picture? Wouldn’t it be great to make money while you are alive and continue making even more money years after you die?

You sure do, and that’s the ultimate benefit of giving your all into your mission, you are not just doing it for you, but for the generations to come in your bloodline.

Where and how you start

First of all, get this one thing straight: the first steps are always going to be the most challenging and frustrating steps. You are going have to walk through hell-shit of a storm just to get to the starting line.

With that said, the next thing you will have to accept is that you won’t get things right right-way, it is going to be messy and you are going to mess up and make a lot of mistakes, which is perfectly OK because all that matters is getting in the ring, and once you’re in, it doesn’t matter what happens.

For an example, I make a lot of errors in my articles and some I see before publishing and some days, weeks, or months later after I’ve published the articles.

The point is, I don’t expect to be flawless because I just got in the ring and I’m figuring things out and I’m learning as I produce, so be productive even if you suck at it.

Ten years from now you will look back see the value in all the errors you’ve made, and you will feel a blissful cloud of gratitude, and you with thank yourself for getting in that ring even though you were clueless and weak.

There are a lot of issues to be addressed and I can’t do it all on this one article, but this is it for now.

To be continued…

-Emmanuel Morewa

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