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Alpha Male Strategy: How To Become An Alpha Male

There important things you need to know to gain understanding about being an alpha-male so that you travel your journey with the right mindset and approach.

Honestly, I grew tired of hearing about the lion king or the wolf when it came to masculinity. Animals don’t have to worry about assault, murder, or rape charges, or bills: that’s why they live the way they do.

You are not a lion, nor a wolf. You are a man in a society that has laws, and every action has consequences.

Being alpha has nothing to do with women or money, but it has everything to do with your mission in life, and women and money are part of the things you attract through your alpha qualities.

I won’t tell you about the animal kingdom, but I will tell you exactly all you need to know to become a true alpha male.

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A true alpha male


A true alpha male is a man who is open to self-improvement—period! How do you think most men became alpha-males in the first place?

They had an open-mind, the ability to learn and apply, and the audacity to do what it takes to become an alpha male—any man who has such qualities has what it takes to be anything he chooses.

What makes you alpha is your willingness to take and apply good advice.

It doesn’t matter how much of a weak beta-guy you are. If you have an open-mind, the ability to learn and apply, and the audacity to do what it takes, you are an alpha-male—you just haven’t realized it yet.

You don’t need anyone to validate you as an alpha male because validation from other people won’t make you an alpha male—but your actions will.

“Alpha” is your mindset, but mostly your actions: what you do and refuse to do, and your willingness to accept reality and find your way through our feminized society.


The future is now

The moment you refrain from thinking too much about the past and the future, and start doing the things that matter now, you’ll be set for life.

Forget the past. It wasn’t your choice to be a beta-male, there are many factors that played a role in molding you into the man you are, and that includes your upbringing, therefore, there is no shame in being a beta-male because everything in your mind and your really is subject to change.

All you need is clarity, wisdom, and action.

Making the choice to change and improve your life is an alpha move, and your first step into your alpha journey.

A real beta male is a man who refuses to learn from his mistakes, and a man who rejects self-improvement because it makes him unconformable.

Some men will continue to make the same choices and mistakes that made them so miserable because they are stubborn.

They don’t want to listen to those who know better and they don’t want to change. Even worse, they can’t even learn their mistakes.

“You become what you do”


“We may become the makers of our fate when we have ceased to pose as its
prophets.” – The Open Society and its Enemies (1945) Introduction

The has to be a point where you have to stop caring about who you are now and be concerned with what you do now—you are your actions more than you are your thoughts.

I don’t really believe in the saying, “You become what you think.”

You will either believe or not believe what you think, but 99% of the time: you will become what you do.

Doing nothing is an activity, and so, you will become nothing if all you do is nothing—no matter what your thoughts are. Any thought or idea combined with action will produce results—period!

Thoughts or ideas rely on exaction to exist, and thoughts alone, only produce emotions.

You can hang around thugs, but if don’t commit any crime; what you become is a thug by association because you will be labeled by the company you keep.

Get it?

You will be judged by your actions—not your thoughts.

To become an alpha male requires one good advice and a lot of action.

Action trumps thoughts.


I know everything starts in the mind, but everything is built from action.

Cities and Bridges were not built by thoughts, though, the designs and planning developed from the ideas that began in the mind. All those structures wouldn’t exist if no action was taken—action is everything.

The mind is such an important and versatile tool that is often misused. The mind can be useful when it comes to organizing, preparing, and crafting a strategy for a specific action.

But… you could still get a lot done without much thought.

Use your mind for the right purposes. Plan, organize and take action, then analyze the results later, and improve what needs improvement.

The more you think or visualize, the less action take, but the more action you take, the more you evolve, manifest, and attract things that are ten times better than the ones you think of or visualize.

It doesn’t take time, it takes action


Most of you have some amazing ideas, but guess what? Without any action taken upon them, they are nothing but good thoughts.

Positive thinking, affirmations, and all the mental strategies people use as a way to go around taking action, are a waste of time without massive action.

To overcome the beta-male in you, you have to do alpha activities. By alpha activities, I don’t mean drinking beer and fucking a lot of sluts—any punk can do that.

I’m taking about improving your lifestyle and incorporating things like:

  • getting in shape
  • eating healthy
  • reading the right books
  • associating with the right people
  • and getting started on your mission

Be willing to be uncomfortable, and be prepared to learn. Comfort is mediocre in disguise, there are no great benefits in comfort—avoid being too comfortable. Discomfort is a bitch, but in the end, it leads to greatness…

The alpha moves

If you saw a man call out or put someone in their place, you’d probably think he’s an alpha male, but that was just an alpha move.

In reality, that’s just a man who got fed up and did what he was supposed to do in the first place.

You will be “alpha” in one situation and “beta” on another.

Alpha qualities require constant maintenance, meaning you should continue learning, taking action and improving.

Again, you didn’t choose to be a beta-male, so don’t worry about it; you have the power to change that now.

It’s better to start off as a beta-male and develop into an alpha-male, than it is to start off as an alpha-male, but end up losing your alpha edge for some reason.

I could list at least five men I know who were so masculine back when I was a kid, but now they are as beta as a feminized man can be.

Be inspired to improve, and always keep getting better and better. Your life is the way it is because of your past beta mindset.

This goes to show that, if you earn your way and develop your alphayou will get alpha results.

Do what it takes without taking shortcuts, you will have your time, it might take years, but it doesn’t matter because time will pass anyway.


– Emmanuel Morewa

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