8 Primary Traits Every Man Needs To become A true Alpha Male

All the great things that exist today, developed from the basics. To truly become an alpha-male, you need these basic traits. What most dating coaches teach about alpha behaviors, developed from these primary traits.

Instead of chasing women hoping to get lucky, it’s to your benefit to learn and master these traits so that you become the man who attracts, and not a man who chases.

Alpha traits


There are a number of traits that makes a man an alpha-male, but for now, we’ll only focus on the primary traits.

Though, these are just a few traits that I think you, as a man on a mission, should possess for starters.

Let’s dive in…

1. An open mind


An open mind is one alpha trait that holds such potential and power in turning a man into something he never thought he could become.

Most men are closed-minded—they are content with being a doormat, and they refuse to learn and grow from their mistakes, or try something bold and new.

The majority of men can’t handle the truth. Most men will reject any information that makes them uncomfortable, they’d rather close their eyes and hope they don’t stumble—don’t be like that.

In the movie Avatar, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) serves as a good example of how having an open mind and guts opens the door to unlimited opportunities and unbelievably remarkable experiences.

Though, an open mind is just a key to the door. Your willingness (guts) to step in and make moves is all that counts.

Without an open mind, you will never learn anything—even from your own mistakes. You will never grow, and you will never discover anything that could change your life because you are deaf and blind mentally.

Be open to new ideas, have courage, try new things, and experiment as much as you can

2. Eagerness to improve


The person you are today isn’t who you were 2 years ago, nor the person you’ll be 2 years from now. There are traits and characteristics we may carry with us for a lifetime, but even these are subject to change depending upon circumstance. – Rollo Tomassi

A human life is like an empty canvas. A canvas will accept any paint and any form of art without resistance.

You have the power to paint or repaint your character as you choose—you choose who you want to be.

It doesn’t take time to improve—it takes action.

Who you were yesterday is a result of what you knew at that time, but who you become today or tomorrow will be determined by what you do with what you know now.

Like I said, “A real beta-male is a man who refuses to learn from his mistakes and those who know better, and rejects self-improvement because it makes him uncomfortable.”

By acknowledging that you don’t know it all, you automatically open yourself to self-improvement and transformation.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

When your mind is open enough to absorb knowledge, all the information needed for transformation will appear.

Being open-minded, eager to improve, and constantly in search for answers led me to this path.

Something in you has to change for you to become the man that attracts and receives.

Everything you want has always been available and within your reach—you just didn’t have the mindset and lifestyle it takes to attract those things you want.

Find someone who’s great at what whatever you want to be great at—learn well.

3. Willingness to learn and apply


Your success in any endeavor will be determined by your willingness to learn and apply.

You can learn as much as you can, but if you apply less than you learn, you will be good somehow but you will never be great.

Knowledge is the first step, and action covers all the remaining steps needed to get you where you want to be.

The basics

To be effective in your learning, you have to value the basics.

The basics lay the foundation, and the rest will be built over that foundation, which is why you have to solidify that foundation by repeatedly mastering the basics.

Overlooking the basics will limit your performance, instead of being great; you will be between good and average.

Some people do have the ability to learn, but they lack the courage to apply—don’t fall in that category.

4. The ability to adapt and overcome


There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it. – Man and Superman (1903) act 4

I haven’t had a full time job since 2009, but I accomplished so many things that I couldn’t when I had a well paying full-time job.

My ability to adapt and overcome made it possible for me to get this far with less income. I had to overcome all the attachments I had on my previous lifestyle—carrying too much about what you have limits you.

It is one thing to lose wealth, status, or connections, but it is another to lose faith in your ability to start over do even better. Being OK with starting over is the key—no matter your situation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flat-out broke or homeless, and it doesn’t matter how many times you fall because there’s always a new start—another chapter to be lived.

5. Freedom to make & learn from mistakes


An alpha-male does his best to free himself from the fear of making mistakes—he knows the benefit and value of making his own mistakes.

Giving yourself the freedom to make your own mistakes for the sole purpose of growth, takes courage. Have the audacity to act and do your best. Should you fail, do whatever you can to do better next time.

Feed your subconscious the information it needs—through your actions—to transform you into the alpha you aspire you be. Your subconscious values your actions and feelings more than it does your thoughts.

Your thoughts will seldom exceed the power of your and actions because action is Godfather of creation—it changes how you think and how you feel.

When you take action, you are literally sending information to your subconscious as an update (improvement) to your current state.

I’m not a psychologist, I’m just a man who uses experience and common sense.

We’ll get into how the subconscious mind work in the last chapter.

6. The ability to be alone


This trait is one of the hardest to master because we are social beings. But you can override your social nature somehow, and use your mission as a substitute for social interaction.

You can still spend time with your friends and family, but you should spend most of your time alone, working on your mission—that’s how you learn to be alone.

Mastering this trait alone rids you off neediness, approval-seeking behaviors, and dependence. Self-reliance and independence grows from your ability to be alone without feeling lonely.

There’s a big difference in being lonely and being alone. People are lonely and bored because they because they have no mission.

Find your mission and work on it day and night.

7. Patience


Patience, patience, patience… Be patient.

Your level of patience is what separates you from the rest. Becoming an alpha male requires a lot of action and more patience.

Nothing comes overnight. Self-improvement and action combined with patience attracts great things in the long run. Impatience is a beta trait, and a waste of time. Time doesn’t care how impatient you are—it only cares how you use it.

An alpha-male uses time to his benefit because he knows well that all he has is time.

Use your time wisely because you don’t know how many years, months, days, or minutes you have on this earth.

You won’t become an alpha-male today or tomorrow, but become that alpha now through your actions and patience.

Be take action and be patient!

8. Gratitude


Gratitude is the Godfather of all traits.

An alpha male is always grateful for one thing… Life.

Life is the only time he has.

If you can’t appreciate being alive, then you will never appreciate anything you have, and nothing will ever make you happy.

Value your life regardless of your circumstances. We are all different, but we all have one thing in common… Life.

Be grateful for your life and make the most out of it.

Until next time…

– Emmanuel Morewa







  1. Sam Mong

    “This trait is one of the hardest to acquire because we are social beings, but you can override your social nature and use your mission as a substitute for social interaction.”

    This is so true Emmanuel, I’ve always had a tough time being by myself, the only time It didn’t matter was when I was doing something productive.

    Hope you write an ebook about this topic.

    I just subscribed!

  2. Emmanuel Zondi Emmanuel Zondi Author

    Honestly, it takes a long time, but it won’t take that long if you are always working on your mission.

    I will write that ebook because I know how important it is. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Thanks for subscribing!

  3. David Cole

    Number four stands out for me because I lost my job a few months ago and I had to move in back with my mother. I’ve never been able to adapt my current situation, and I find hard to do. Yes, I believe I’m still attached to the lifestyle I previously had.

    But this statement really got to me: “It is one thing to lose wealth, status, or connections, but it is another to lose faith in your ability to start over do even better.”

    I realized that I haven’t lost yet, I still have life, and I can do even better.

    Thank you!

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